Impermanence and Capitalism

And all this leads me to the bigger question–the question that sorta disturbs me. Can we control “impermanence”? Because I think that Westerners have a firmer understanding of impermanence that we think we do–what is capitalism but an attempt to control and dictate the truth of impermanence? The world is forever changing, as the bodies within it are–and capitalism knows this. Activists inherently understand what capitalism is trying to do (make us think we always need new things)–and so we try to go the opposite direction and insist we *never* need new things…we can recycle and buy second hand and “be creative….”

But I think activists are missing the point–Capitalism may not *consciously* know it’s trying to control impermanence, but it’s doing an excellent job of making us feel safe–making us feel and pretend together that there is nothing to fear in change.

Activists are existing solely on a *practical* plane, where they don’t seem to quite understand the *fear* that is inherent in people who must deal with and confront change and how comforting the lie is that is hidden beneath capitalism.

You never have to change if you buy this….

You never have to change….
Never change…

And if we all understand “change” to be something that ends with *death* rather than existing as “transformation” or “rotation”–

Never changing=never dying.

Is the answer, then, to make so that activists control impermanence instead of capitalism? That we decide what steps everybody must take to reach the mountain top of liberation? Is it our job to decide that we all must reach the mountain top to be liberated?

-BFP, who is awesome, meditating on impermanence, change, MLK’s “Mountaintop” speech (which is the one that makes me cry far more reliably than “I have a dream”) and capitalism. Read her whole post.


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