Howdy, as socialists say in Texas

Wanted to thank Sarah for asking me join this here deal. I’ll be posting here occasionally and hopefully more often than that. I’m an environmental and labor historian of the United States and will focus on these issues here, as well as ideas of activism more broadly. These days I’m particularly interested in the state of activism in America as we try to move forward from the 20 year long period of capitalist realism, between the fall of the Soviet Union and the economic collapse. Can we create a revived socialism to challenge capitalist domination over our hearts and minds? What can we learn from the past to help us organize in the presence, including from the failures of totalitarian socialism as well as extremist capitalism? I can’t guarantee any good answers, but hopefully I can throw a few thought-provoking points out there.


About Erik Loomis
U.S. historian. Blogger at Lawyers, Guns, and Money.

One Response to Howdy, as socialists say in Texas

  1. queenemily says:

    Hi Erik, glad to have you here! Yes, the question of how to revive socialism is a hard, but valuable, one. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say about it 🙂

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