Midterm Elections

At some point, I may have something deep and meaningful to say about the midterm election clusterf*ck that we just saw other than whimpering about Russ Feingold.

Right now, though, I think this pretty much says it all: Graph of the election results by income levels.

That’s right–58% of people whose income was less than $30,000 a year voted Democrat, 36% of people whose income was over $200,000 a year voted Democrat. And each income bracket as you go up was less and less Democratic.

Ladies and gentlemen, your class war.

(From the Wall Street Journal, which predictably titles the page “Democratic Coalition Crumbles.” Also they wrote an entire op-ed cheering Feingold’s presumed defeat the day before the election, so I hate giving them the clicks–but the age graph is worth looking at as well.)


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