Welcome to the new blog.  The idea of this blog came from Sarah Jaffe, who suggested that I needed a blog to collate my writings about economics in a place that wasn’t Questioning Transphobia. Several minutes later, this blog was born.

The idea of this blog is simple: as an accumulator of the work of people interested in social justice in its many forms (feminism, womanism, GLBTQIA, disability, anti-war, anti-racist, indigenous rights, immigrant rights, Muslim rights, Judaism, and so on) and a broader focus on the ways in which capitalism creates the conditions for those oppressions.  The so-called Leftist turn of “identity politics” has often put the economy off the table in all but the most aspirational, liberal ways, but we will to foreground it while remembering that some of us suffer much more than others because of capitalism.  We propose that there are juster, fairer better ways to organize human society than the one we have, and it is high time we started building broad coalitions to do so.

“Socialism and…” is about building community, sharing our experiences and theories about the present day and strategies to make a better world.  What are the socio-politico-economic causes of oppression, and what are its consequences?

Liberation for all, oppression for none.


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